Sources of Fashion Inspiration

All designers require motivation, suggestions, and inspiration to design for a new season. They have to reinvent the world around them to get inspired from the same sources in different ways. At times, research is also required to get new ideas from various sources of fashion inspiration. These sources kindle a designers imagination and inspire him/her to interpret, conceptualize, and design in a unique manner. While designing based on his/her inspiration, the designer should pay attention to his intuition and be aware of the logical requirements of the design.

The following are some of the common sources of inspiration 
X Nature: Refers to the broad spectrum of natural things around us, which act as a great source of inspiration for a designer

X Media: Refers to the various forms of media that could tickle a designer’s imagination, such as print media in form of newspapers and magazines, broadcast media in form of television programs, serials, and movies. Apart from inspiring a designer, both print and broadcast media keep one updated about the current events and the latest national and international fashion trends. 

x Internet: Refers to all the information and knowledge that can be accessed through Internet
x Lifestyle: Refers to the lifestyles of presently famous and yesteryear’s personalities that serve as the source of inspiration of designers A designer should also be aware of the lifestyle of the customer for whom he is designing. At times, the inspiration can also be drawn from the living style of a clan, such as cowboys, various Indian and African tribes

x Forecasts: Refer to the color and fabric forecasts that help to develop trends. Designers can also visit fiber and fabric fairs. Sometimes, furnishing fabrics and colors also act as a source of inspiration

x Travel: Refers to the inspiration drawn from various places that a designer may visit during business trips, relaxation, and excursions

x Museums and Monuments/architecture: Refers to museums and historical monuments in and outside India. The designer can also derive inspiration from the architecture of famous buildings of today and years gone by.

x Heritage: Refers to the rich cultural heritage of India, in form of culturally rich states, classical dance forms, and paintings 

x Fine Art: Refers to the great inspirational sources that exist in the form of fine art by old and new artists, and are displayed at the art galleries.

x History: Refers to the inspiration drawn from the culture, events, and costumes of historic times

x Designer’s library: Refers to a designer’s collection of fabrics, their trims and designs, which can help start the creative process. Maintaining a sketchbook to collect all inspirational material in the form of sketches and swatches is another way to fire the designer’s imagination.

x Fellow Designers: Refer to the inspiration that designers derive from their colleagues, specially the amateur ones from the established Indian and International designers to kindle their creativity. 

x Feelings of a Designer: Refers to a designer’s emotions and moods, such as elation, anger, possessiveness, and sadness

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